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Diamonds are a girl's best friend...or maybe the creator is.

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

It's time for another edition of grill the townsfolk. For those who don't know me, I'm Silver DeTourney. Recent transplant to this quirky town and newest reporter for your newspaper. Today I have the most eligible bachelor in Black Hollow with me… Tobias Drakki.

Tobias: I don’t know about ‘most eligible’. There are a lot of bachelors to pick from Black Hollow.

Silver: *grins* There are at least a dozen in the Drakki family.

Tobias: Yeah. Vic would love for some of us to settle down so she’s not the only lady in the household of men.

Silver: She seems to run you all in circles pretty good without any help.

Tobias: *leans forward in his seat* Do I have any gray hair yet? If I do it’s because of her.

Silver: None yet. *laughs* Let me officially welcome you to For Citizens. Tobias, how are you today?

Tobias: Thanks for having me. I almost had my head shot off, so I’d say I’m doing fantastic today. How are you, Silver?

Silver: *Gasps in shock * That sounds terrifying. Do you know who tried to kill you?

Tobias: *shakes head* No, but I caught the assassin. *big grin* She’s a handful.

Silver: *glances about for possible assassins hiding in the shadows* Is it normal for assassins to make hits on your life? Or on other Black Hollow residents?

Tobias: No… no… you’ve nothing to worry about Silver. This was an isolated incident. Black Hollow is as safe as it’s always been. I’ve made sure of that.

Silver: *Adam’s apple bobs with his swallow* Good to know.

Tobias: You had some questions for me?

Silver: Yeah… yeah… *clears throat and reads over his questions* It was hard nailing you down for this interview.

Tobias: I’m very busy running Drakki International.

Silver: The diamond empire is well-known for its unique diamonds.

Tobias: Yes, it is.

Silver: In any event, given your recent near-death experience, this interview will be as easy as a walk in the town square.

Tobias: *smiles* Good to know you aren’t plotting to kill me.

Silver: Your men patted me down. The best weapon I have now is this pen. *lifts his pen * Anyway… What’s your designation? Human or paranormal and if paranormal, what type of paranormal are you?

Tobias: I’m a dragon shifter.

Silver: When you’re circling Black Hollow—can I say circling like vultures without you getting offended?

Tobias: *shrugs* Sure.

Silver: So, when you’re circling Black Hollow like vultures and then suddenly dive bomb toward the forest, what are you and your family up to?

Tobias: Hunting prey.

Silver: Uh huh… Do you care to elaborate?

Tobias: We’re simply honing our hunting skills on animals that are afraid of us. Our species once had a taste for raw meat, but we’re domesticated now. But our hunting instincts survived.

Silver: So, you’re not chasing off someone that intends us harm? Say, like an assassin?

Tobias: No. Animals are our focus. I believe you know only paranormals can find Black Hollow, so you’re safe. And I personally paid for high-tech security to keep the residents safe.

Silver: I feel safer already. When did you move to Black Hollow?

Tobias: I’ve always lived here. Either my great-great-grandparents or my great-great-great-grandparents moved here to escape the oppression of the human world. I’ve heard stories of how hard times were back then with all the superstitions surrounding paranormals.

Silver: You think they knew Seraphine’s parents?

Tobias: I think they knew Seraphine.

Silver: You think she’s that old? She doesn’t look a day over thirty.

Tobias: I never guess a lady’s age.

Silver: *taps pen on notebook* Good rule to have. *looks at list of questions* What job do you have in Black Hollow?

Tobias: Besides keeping my jughead cousins in line, I’m a gemologist and with my twin brother I run Drakki International.

Silver: *laughs* Keg is known for tapping and finishing a keg in one night at Stoney’s Bar.

Tobias: Good thing I have him in line, huh? *grins*

Silver: At least he’s not starting bar brawls.

Tobias: That’s Mega’s job. *shakes head* The Sheriff’s called me several times to break up fights between Mega and Thirst Bar’s patrons, because the violence spilled over into the streets. And Mega likes to run his mouth at the non-shifters. If the Full Moon Butcher Shop window has to be replaced one more time, I’m going to be knocking some heads together… *cracks knuckles* Starting with my cousin.

Silver: I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of that.

Tobias: No one does.

Silver: *clears throat* As I mentioned earlier your family is the sole miner of the rare ice-blue diamonds that is exclusive to Drakki International.

Tobias: *nods* We are. We’re proud of them and their superior quality to other diamonds.

Silver: Do you mine those diamonds in Black Hollow or is there a secret mine where you source the diamonds?

Tobias: Secret source. *leans forward* I’d have to kill you if I told you the location.

Silver: Don’t want to know! Describe what you do when you look in a mirror.

Tobias: Um… brush my teeth, comb my hair. What else are you supposed to do?

Silver: There’s no right or wrong answer, Tobias. What unusual interest or hobby do you have?

Tobias: I like blowing up shit with my dragon fire. I’ll fly into the desert, far away from here, blow craters into the ground and knock down mountains. It’s very relaxing.

Silver: Sounds like fun.

Tobias: What guy doesn’t like destroying stuff? It’s like knocking down walls when you’re remodeling a house. It’s an excellent way to eliminate my frustration without taking it out on my cousins.

Silver: What grosses you out?

Tobias: You have a variety of random questions. It’s like a dating profile. *chuckles*

Silver: If you have a dating profile, I’m sure the single ladies would love to know your profile name.

Tobias: I’m not looking for a serious commitment and I’m not on any dating sites. What grosses me out… Hmm… *taps finger on the arm of his chair* I’m not a fan of seafood. The smell makes me gag.

Silver: That’s an… interesting dislike for a former raw meat eater.

Tobias: *shrugs*

Silver: What is your greatest regret?

Tobias: Not telling my parents I love them the night they died.

Silver: I’m sorry for your loss.

Tobias: Thanks. Life goes on, Hitchcock and I survived. I like to think we’re a little stronger for our loss.

Silver: What doesn’t kill us…

Tobias: *nods*

Silver: For those who don’t know, Hitchcock is your twin brother and he’s mated to King who owns Hell’s Brew Coffee House.

Tobias: Yeah. King’s coffee is so strong it lives up to its Hell’s Brew name.

Silver: I tried it once. I was so jittery I couldn’t sleep for two days.

Tobias: No one told you it was brewed from coffee beans grown in Hell?

Silver: *shakes his head* They did after I thought I’d been turned into a zombie.

Tobias: *chuckles* Sounds like one of King’s demons was screwing with you. Try the Mortal Dweeb next time. It’s for humans and the paranormals who can’t tolerate King’s darker brew.

Silver: Good to know. Last question… The one all the ladies want to know.

Tobias: As you know, most ladies in Black Hollow aren’t shy and they ask what they want to know.

Silver: True… paranormals can be outspoken but give the ladies some hope and describe your perfect partner for you.

Tobias: My mate. There can’t be another person more perfect than my mate.

Silver: They’re the perfect partner and the perfect partner in crime.

Tobias: *laughs* If you only knew.

Silver: Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule for me.

Tobias: It was my pleasure.

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