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Coming March 2020

From the Office of the Mayor of Black Hollow, Massachusetts


Welcome to Black Hollow, the most paranormal town in America. We love our citizens and hope you will too. Every other month we will be featuring one of our town folk.


Already Available: 
Loving the Monster Within by Cassidy K. O'Connor
Reviving Love by Cassidy K. O'Connor

Silver Linings by Sheri Lyn

Finding Her Fire by Gracen Miller

One Man's Curse by Jennifer Wedmore

It's the Little Things by Robbie Cox

Resurrecting His Heart by J.C. Layne

Sacrificing Love by Cassidy K. O'Connor

To Trick the Devil by Robbie Cox

Fairly Sweet - coming December 2019 by Jennifer Wedmore

Accepting Love - coming January 2020 by Cassidy K. O'Connor

Finding Her Kings - coming February 2020 by Gracen Miller

TBD title - coming March 2020 by J.C. Layne

TBD title - coming April 2020 by Robbie Cox

A Blessing in Disguise - coming May 2020 by Sheri Lyn