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For fans of Paranormal Romance and sexy shifter stories!

Black Hollow

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Crimson Moon

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Black Hollow Suggested Reading Order: 

Loving the Monster Within by Cassidy K. O'Connor
Reviving Love by Cassidy K. O'Connor

Silver Linings by Sheri Lyn

Finding Her Fire by Gracen Miller

One Man's Curse by Jennifer Wedmore

It's the Little Things by Robbie Cox

Resurrecting His Heart by J.C. Layne

Sacrificing Love by Cassidy K. O'Connor

To Trick the Devil by Robbie Cox

Fairly Sweet by Jennifer Wedmore

Accepting Love by Cassidy K. O'Connor

Finding Her Kings by Gracen Miller

A Cupid's Burden by J.C. Layne

April's Fool by Robbie Cox

A Blessing in Disguise by Sheri Lyn

Resisting Love by Cassidy K. O'Connor

Through Thick and Thin by Sheri Lyn

Blood Shadows by Robbie Cox

Finding Her Wizard by Gracen Miller

The Krampus Heart by J.C. Layne

Mending Love by Cassidy K. O'Connor

Beating Around the Bush by Sheri Lyn

Slumber's Destiny by Robbie Cox

A Whole New World by Jennifer Wedmore

Finding Her Beauty by Gracen Miller

Forgiving Love by Cassidy K. O'Connor

Yesterday's Reaper by Robbie Cox

Phoenix Rising by J.C. Layne

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